Editor's note: This post by Valerie Klinker originally appeared on YO! Youth Outlook.

As everyone knows, the Bay Bridge has been under emergency construction for the past week. Some people have said that the parts of the bridge had fallen, others said that a chunk fell into the ocean, but what happened was the metal was rubbing against each other, caused by the high winds. This caused two rods and a saddle to crash onto the roadway last Tuesday, October 27th.

A few weeks before this happened, I heard a rumor that someone saw a crack or a rip in the Bay Bridge. If this is true, then why was it not investigated? So many people could have gotten hurt or died. I could not imagine my family being on the bridge during that time.

People are so simpleminded, they think, “oh the bridge broke, it’s alright the government will fix it.”

I just don’t understand why people are not really affected by it at all, well… maybe a little because they couldn’t drive across the bridge, but would you want to drive on that thing after finding out that the bridge was broken for the second time? For people who don’t know, the first time was in 1989 during the big earthquake.

Since then, they patched it up, but will have to make more repairs in the coming months. The people on the bridge have been driving over it like nothing is wrong. I personally do not want to use that bridge because I’d rather sit back and watch the drama, then be in it or have front row seats. What I mean is when the bridge goes falling down on everyone and into the ocean, I won’t be there, I will be nice and warm in my house with my family, watching it on the news.

I think people should just have more common sense, if you don’t know what happened or don’t understand it, then find out the information. You need to keep you and your family safe, especially if you travel across the bridge a lot. Don’t be like a common person and look past what happened like everybody else.